Behind the Scenes Part 1 – Senior Client Services Manager Katharina Lang

Nothing is more important than content customers!

Your first starting point at suxxesso is Katharina Lang with her customer support team who look after all concerns of our customers.

No matter what time of the day you run across her, she has always a smile on her face and has a sympathetic ear for all concerns.

Our today´s blog provides you a glimpse behind the scenes at suxxesso Ltd. and introduces Katharina Lang, head of our customer support team.


Customer contact with win-win-win effect

Since the middle of 2017 Katharina has wandered through a couple of  the departments at suxxesso Ltd. and has thus become acquainted with all sides of  our company in detail – from process documentation to the development of automated test cases for our PreAutomated Testcases through to implementation and conduct of our trainings and WebCalls with prospects.

In 2019 she then took charge of or our support team and enjoys her role: ,,Customer contact is great fun! You can set a lot in motion, are immediately in touch with people and can support them, and at the same time you can contribute to the customer´s success in their project as well as to the success of suxxesso Ltd.”

Currently Katharina Lang  and her team work mostly from home but are nevertheless unlimitedly there for their customers due to our complete online administration of the suxxesso Support Desk: ,, We are of course virtually interconnected, work efficiently and use diverse communication tools together. However I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues in familiar surroundings in our beautiful office in Vienna again”, says Katharina.

State of the art User Documentation and Support Desk setup

Under her direction and supervision our Support at suxxesso has developed enormously. The total Support Desk has been set up on Atlassian Jira, the automated distribution and controlling of all support cases to be handled have been reorganized and reviewed anew through processmatrix. ,,Only thus we are fit for the support requirements in the year 2021 in which excellent service but also minimal response time should be as a matter of course!”.

In addition to Support Desk our documentation and user manuals have been reorganized. ,,We wanted a user manual which is always up to date, is available for different version statuses and as well in different languages.” Therefore the entire user documentation has been placed in a Wiki which is available to all our customers and always up to date.

Challenges and surprises for our customers

„We look forward to getting positive feedback on our Wiki. But I can promise you that we still have another surprise in 2021 in this field for you. An entire video documentation of all features will be set up in Wiki, including tips and tricks for the administration and the background to all functionalities. This should provide our customers with even better user experience and in addition a more extensive information source.”

Katharina as head of Client Services describes the challenges as follows: ,,The challenge here is the individuality of the customers. Not every customer has the same problems. Therefore it is essential to find and define the optimum approach to a solution for each individual customer in order to assure a good service.”

Her recipe for success? ,,A good team is the name of the game for a successful company. Especially in Support area is teamwork essential in order to solve problems as fast as possible and fulfill customer requests and desires. It´s exciting to observe how a team shapes up and grows closer together.”

Games nights instead of the desire to travel

A brief glimpse in Katharina´s personal life shows a pure family person with a big heart for her friends. ,,In my private life I enjoy being with my family and friends very much. Nothing compares to a games night, whether playing cards for many hours or being vexed about Mario Kart!”

As a Marvel fan she awaits eagerly the reopening of the cinemas in east Austria so that she can follow and watch her heroes in action on big screens again. The current pandemic bears the blame why our wanderlusty Katharina is not able to travel to new countries, getting to know more about new cultures.

Until then feel that you are in good hands at our suxxesso Support Desk under the direction of our friendly Katharina Lang, in keeping with the motto:

,,You start with the necessary, then the possibility and all of a sudden you implement and realize the impossible with united forces.”