Customer and Partner rolled into one – the perfect combination

Customer and Partner rolled into one – the perfect combination

Three years ago the SER Group, a producer of Doxis4 ECM-Platform for which the company develops individual SAP Add-Ons, made contact with suxxesso Ltd. for the first time. Primarily through vendor´s Tool Suite for SAP test automation, the quality of SER Group´s own developments should be guaranteed and the testing efficiency of Doxis4 SAP Add-Ons be maximized, in order to provide SER customers with the most professional solutions. Over the years, an enduring customer-supplier relationship grew that has now culminated in a partnership which is a great benefit for the SER Group and their customers as well as for suxxesso.

PoC – Convincing Range of Functions and Usability

At the beginning of 2019 the project began with a multi-day Proof of Concept in the SER Group´s headquarters in Bonn. In the course of this workshop, the performance and the usability as well as the concepts for the future application of the suxxesso Tool Suite were developed. ,,We noticed from the first day on that we can improve our quality assurance with the Tool Suite enormously and can configure it more efficiently. Our colleagues could work autonomously with the tool from the start and this convinced us entirely” says Philippe Gackstatter, Head of SAP Solution Development at SER Group.

In the course of the following weeks Philippe Gackstatter´s SAP solution development team could set up an automated test set for the in-house developments which is used currently in the Build Process as Quality Gate and ensures the quality of the software. ,,With the aid of the test set we are able to evaluate the quality of the developments. On the one hand it is important for us to run regression tests for the existing functionalities and on the other hand to develop ongoing new test cases for the features that come along, which is no problem because of the great usability and intuitive handling of the suxxesso Tool Suite!”

From Customer to Partner

Since the test coverage for the in-house quality assurance was developed and used successfully, the idea was born to offer this test set to SER Group customers as well.

,,Such fully automated test coverage, including automated test data search, brings an enormous added value for our customers. They can make sure that in the course of new releases or updates our solutions operate as planned in their systems without any time and labor.” Thus a mere customer relationship grew into a partnership: ,, An attractive package for our customers helps them to improve their own quality assurance and is obviously attractive for us as well, since we get statements about the functionality and stability of our solutions which are used by our customers in a timely manner and objectively and thus facilitate our support processes”, Philippe Gackstatter is glad to say about the enhanced cooperation with suxxesso.

,,This kind of customer-partner relationship with SER Group was a milestone for us. For one thing, we could support the SER Group with the automation of their test cases and brought out at once a benefit for their end customers at the same time”, explains Christian Gaiser, product manager at suxxesso Ltd., the promising model of these customer-partner relationships.

,,Since then this model has been adapted to some other Add-On developers and established successfully. Many thanks to the SER Group and Phillipe for this jointly-developed recipe for success which helps all involved groups!”

Are you developing SAP Add-Ons and are interested in using the suxxesso Tool Suite for your own quality assurance? Perhaps you too want to offer your end customers a completed test set?

We would be very pleased to discuss your ideas and requirements in a non-committal web session or a Proof of Concept und find solutions together! Contact us!

About the SER Group

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