The Revolution in

Test Automation

suxxesso initiiert die Revolution im SAP-Testing.

Automatisierter Testcontent

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suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions

The suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions offers a new approach to test automation via providing defined and automated test cases for the SAP® standard modules FI, CO, MM, SD und PP. This allows you to start testing after a set up period of only a few days.


The suxxesso DATA MANAGER selects test data from the customers' databases for specific test cases via database queries. The output is delivered in a standardised data format. In combination with the suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions fully automated test runs can be executed without any additional expenditures for the customer - there is no need to prepare test data manually.

suxxesso TEST PILOT

In addition to the suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions, which provides a high test coverage of core functionalities out of the box, we offer the possibility to efficiently manage individual test cases as well - via using our suxxesso TEST PILOT.
The easy handling of the suxxesso TEST PILOT and the real-time recording functionality speed up the development of individual test cases massively.

About suxxesso

Our mission as methodically leading company is to support our customers in testing SAP® systems and to efficiently manage their processes.

The Revolution in ...


Test automation as a key for reduction in costs and risk minimization.


Maximization of test coverage by means of expert knowledge.

Cost Savings

Most cost-effective alternative of test automation for SAP® solutions.

Test Quality

Highest test quality by means of subject-matter knowledge, test methodology and most innovative technology.

Time Savings

Highest possible time savings for implementation and execution.

Human Resources Efficiency

Minimal test effort for IT and departments.

The Revolution in testing SAP® solutions