Customer specific test data – Parameterisation – Test data for multiple iterations

The suxxesso DATA MANAGER selects test data from the customers' databases for specific test cases via database queries. The output is delivered in a standardised data format.
In combination with the suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions fully automated test runs can be executed without any additional expenditure for the customer - there is no need to prepare test data manually. The suxxesso DATA MANAGER can be amortised within the first test run.


We developed a RFC-Module which bundles the read only queries of the suxxesso DATA MANAGER against the database.
The query results are delivered via XML format to the suxxesso DATA MANAGER.

Test Data from the Client's System

Specially developed test data definitions for every single test case select specific test data out of the customer's system.
The usage of customer specific test data results in tremendous acceptance within the specialist devision.
The usage of business-relevant data leads to a high risk coverage.

Parameterisation of Test Data Selection

Parameters can be set for special queries along with using the algorithm for the data selection. This enables to securely test Special test cases and data sets.

Test Data for Multiple Iterations

The suxxesso DATA MANAGER provides according to the customer's demand 1 to n data sets for every test case. This functionality enables a high test coverage. With the possibility to parameterise, specific data constellations can be achieved as well.
Additionally, specific test iterations can be created. Test data which will not be overwritten by another automated selection of the test data set. This way we can ensure that outliers can be tested sufficiently.

Your benefits

*after 1 test cycle