suxxesso TEST PILOT

Efficient real time recording of processes – Verification steps – Link to suxxesso DATA MANAGER

In addition to the suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions, which provides a high test coverage of core functionalities out of the box, we offer the possibility to efficiently manage individual test cases as well - via using our suxxesso TEST PILOT. The easy handling of the suxxesso TEST PILOT and the real-time recording functionality speed up the development of individual test cases massively.

Process Automation

Amongst others following key features are supported:

• Efficient real time recording of processes including screenshots

• GUI-Wizard for the recording of verification steps

• Simple placement and editing von variables

• Easy deactivation and deletion of test steps

• Selection of executing test steps

• Test scripts can be (re)opened and saved

• Ad-Hoc execution of test scripts



• Automated documentation of processes

• Recording of videos (eg. for training purposes)



In the course of recording processes verification steps can be set directly.

Link to the suxxesso DATA MANAGER

The usage of variables instead of constant values for various screen fields enables the link to our suxxesso DATA MANAGER. Accordingly test data is selected automatically which is a major benefit for continouing test runs.

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