suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions

Professional test methodology – Content as a service – Including maintenance – Reduction in costs

The suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions offers a new approach to test automation via providing defined and automated test cases for the SAP® standard modules FI, CO, MM, SD und PP. This allows you to start testing after a set up period of only a few days.

The included test cases provide up to 80% test coverage and decrease the development costs by up to 93% as well as the maintenance costs up to 77% compared to a conventional test automation project.


suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions is based on an extensive SAP® knowledge. Test cases were defined by leading SAP® experts with vast intersectoral experience. This guarantees high test coverage for your business processes.

Test Case Description

Each test case contains a detailed description covering textual and model based (BPMN 2.0) illustrations. You benefit from test case descriptions of highest quality.

Automated Test Cases

All test cases within the suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions are fully automated using state of the art automation technologies - continuous extension of test coverage and maintenance are included. The test case repository provides a comprehensive utility library to easily expand and reuse test cases for further testing of standard or individual processes.


Reliable and exact verification is vital for high-end test automation. Detailed reports help to analyse test results and to take further actions for improvements.

The suxxesso TEST SUITE for SAP® solutions contains a Ranorex Studio Premium Floating License. This enables the automation of numerous non-SAP® Technologies.

Your Benefits