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WYSIWYG – „What You See Is What You Get“.

Have a look at our Tool Suite – because nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke!

Via websession you will get an overview about the suxxesso Tool Suite. After getting to know various features and modules we start a live session in order to demonstrate single test cases and the run through of entire test processes.

Possible content (individual customer requirements are highly welcome):

  1. Overview of suxxesso Tool Suite
  2. suxxesso Test Suite for SAP® Solutions: „Ready to Go Test Content“ coming with standardized test cases
  3. suxxesso Test Pilot: „Easy to Use Automation“, efficient real time recording of individual test cases and automated documentation of these individual processes
  4. suxxesso Data Manager: "Realtime Test Data", fully automated selection of test data out of the customer`s databases
  5. suxxesso Test Cockpit: test management, control of test plans, execution of test plans

Interested? Send an e-mail: websession@suxxesso.com or just call + 43 1 9532 567 to arrange an appointment! We will be happy to hear from you!