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Discover our SAP certified solution with the most innovative approach on SAP test automation: suxxesso Tool Suite

Hyperchange! IT in the new reality.

This is the motto of this year`s DSAG Technology Days on February 3rd and 4th 2021. In our lecture we will deal with exciting topics such as the automated test data provision using the example of SAP Solution Manager and key factors of test automation. With a live demo we provide a hands-on insight into how the suxxesso Tool Suite works. We are also represented with a booth at this event and are looking forward to your visit and a chat together!

Cost Reduction

Avoid extensive efforts and unnecessary costs on your SAP testing requirements, speed-up all processes and benefit from our SAP testing automation solution: suxxesso Tool Suite.

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Usability & Efficiency

Benefit from the advantages of the easy and convenient suxxesso Tool Suite – no programming skills required.

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Increase quality

Increase the stability of your SAP-Systems through extensive test automation and optimized test data management with preconfigured and individualized suxxesso Tool Suite’s Test Cases.

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Our solution for SAP Test automation

When it comes to testing SAP Applications in an efficient and a simple manner, the SAP certified suxxesso Tool Suite provides you with the answers to multiple challenges. The innovative and reliable suxxesso Tool Suite Tool Suite offers you: · The highest level of usability · Unequaled speed · and Maximum automation. This will allow you to achieve the desired test frequency and test coverage
These are your benefits: · Massive reduction in costs and time · Significant improvements in quality · Utmost user satisfaction. And all of this without any programming effort.

SAP-Test automation can be that easy