suxxesso Websession

We will show you how suxxesso Tool Suite works and how to automatize simple test cases right away!

suxxesso Websession

WYSIWYG – “What You See Is What You Get”.

Following this principle, you will get a practical overview of the Tool Suite’s  effectiveness and discover all of its advantages – see for yourself the benefits of our tool!

In a two-hour web session you will get to know the entire suxxesso Tool Suite. After a short overview of each feature and module, we move forward to a live session. During the presentation we will be using a SAP System to show you specific test cases and the entire test process flow, allowing you to get to see suxxesso Tool Suite in detail while working in real time.

Thanks to its interactive design, we can address your special issues and discuss your specific needs and requests. If desired, the presentation can be recorded on request.


We take time for you

We organize our Web Session for one exclusive customer at a time. Normally web sessions take place with a minimum of 2 participants, however the number of participants on the customer’s side tends to be 4-5.

Overview of suxxesso Tool Suite

Following topics will be presented (we will be also pleased to meet your special requests)

suxxesso Test Content: “Ready to Go Test Content”, including standardized test cases, that allow you to use the cases within a week.
suxxesso Test Pilot: “Easy to Use Automation” efficient real time recording of individual test cases and automated creation of the documentation allow you to speed up the test cycles considerably.
suxxesso Data Manager: : “Realtime Test Data”, fully automated selection of test data allows you to totally reduce the efforts for the preparation of the test data.
suxxesso Test Cockpit: test management, control of test plans, execution of test plans.



Please feel free to contact us to arrange a Web Session by using the form below or sending us an e-mail to or just calling us + 43 1 9532 567 .