suxxesso FAQs

  • When automating, a pop-up appears with the message "A script is attempting to access SAP GUI".

    In the SAP Logon, under Accessibility & Scripting / Scripting, disable the following options:

  • There are no screenshots in the test script.

    Only when automating SAP GUI transactions, screenshots are automatically inserted as soon as a server communication takes place.

    For web application automation, screenshots must be inserted manually.

  • The test case documentation ist not created correctly.

    The display language that you have selected in the suxxesso Tool Suite under Settings / General must match the language of the word template. This is the only way to ensure that the test case steps are interpreted correctly and inserted correctly in the documentation.

    The two templates DescriptionTemplate.docx and DescriptionTemplate.en.docx are delivered.
    Pay attention to this also when you create individual templates.

  • Web Automation: Field not found during test case execution, although it is on the screen.

    Web applications work asynchronously, i.e. there is no defined point in time at which the entire screen is built up. As a result, it is possible that the suxxesso Tool Suite is too fast when replaying a test case and accesses a field that is not yet available.

    The suxxesso Tool Suite tries as best as possible to take this asynchronous processing into account, but it is not always possible. In those few cases that cannot be caught, add a manual wait step to delay the execution.