Test automation for SAP

suxxesso Tool Suite SAP allows any SAP User to become an SAP Test automator in their department.
Its high usability and performance enable an easy automation of the SAP test procedures.

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Our solution for your company

suxxesso Tool Suite for SAP Solutions is the answer to all your requirements regarding Test automation of SAP Software. Our tool, with its components: suxxesso Test Content, suxxesso Test Pilot, suxxesso Data Manager and suxxesso Test Cockpit, allows you to save resources efficiently, fully and in a more integrated way up to 77% at maximum test coverage.
Benefit from shortened test cycles and speed-up processes concerning testing and test management.

Profit from

  • The highest level of usability compared to other products on the market
  • Ensuring Return on Investment through short set up and training periods (of only a few days) as well as tailored price models aligned to the respective number of users and areas of deployment
  • 360° Support and on-going development


Test Content

Standardized test cases defined and designed by SAP experts in accordance with the latest technical standards

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Test Pilot

Individually defined test cases

Fully automated documentation of processes including screenshots

Video recording (e.g. for training purposes)

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Data Manager

Provides automated test data

Specific data constellations through customizing

Test data for multiple iterations

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Test Cockpit

Convenient administration of all test cases

Complete process documentation for further use

Building block functionality

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SAP easy. automated. testing

SAP certified suxxesso Tool Suite offers a unique usability and an easy-to-use interface throughout the entire workflow. The test automation process is structured according to the following scheme:

Step 1. Definition and creation of the test cases

…using on the one hand the predefined test cases (especially in the following areas: Finance, Logistics, Production, R&D and Construction, Sales, Services, Procurement and Asset Management) and/or on the other hand creating individualized test cases with suxxesso Test Pilot .

Step 2. Automated test data provision

… using suxxesso Data Manager

Step 3. Administration of all test plans

… using suxxesso Test Cockpit

Who benefits from our solution?

Test Manager

All the administration and monitoring of all test cycles in suxxesso Test Cockpit allow an efficient and a transparent control of test activities in a central location.


The easy-to-use suxxesso Tool Suite allows the departments to run test cycles directly and to automatize them independently without needing any programing skills.


The automation in suxxesso Data Manager helps the IT-Team to reduce operational efforts for the test data creation, thereby being able to focus on their core competences. The use of test data loses its fear factor.

Interaction between the components within  suxxesso Tool Suite

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