suxxesso Test Pilot

In addition to  suxxesso Test Content for SAP Solutions, which our out of the box test coverage and core functionalities is provided with, the suxxesso Test Pilot allows you to create test cases for specific processes, custom mode and additional developments.

The easy-to-use interface of suxxesso Test Pilot and the Real-Time recording option speed-up the creation of customized test cases considerably.

Efficient real-time recording of processes – Verification steps – Link to suxxesso Data Manager

Process automation

The following are some of suxxesso Test Pilot’s Key-Features:

• efficient real-time recording of processes, including screenshots

• GUI-Wizard for the recording of verification steps

• easy input and edit of variables

• deactivate or delete test steps

• selection of executing test steps

• (re) open, edit and save test scripts

• ad-hoc execution of test scripts

suxxesso Test Pilot recording functionality can help you to

• … easily capture your own test cases
• … create a fast and automated test case description step-by-step guide with screenshots
• … create and edit building blocks

Recording test cases with suxxesso Test Pilot can be interrupted and restored at any time. This function can be used to stop the recording at any time, e.g. in case a further step needs to be added, if forgotten.


As part of the process, recording further verification steps can be added easily and directly.


Link to the suxxesso Data Manager

Using variables instead of constant values in different fields enables the link to suxxesso Data Manager, allowing to easily select the test data for further test runs.



• Automated creation of process documentation

• Video recording