suxxesso Full-Automation

Customary and current test automation includes the automation and the execution of processes. suxxesso Inc. goes one step further:

In addition to process automation, the complete test data delivery is automated as well with suxxesso full-automation.

Only thus is a fully automated execution of your test cycles without any manual effort possible. In comparison with traditional test automation, you will further save over 50 percent of your test efforts.

Traditional test automation focuses merely on the automation of processes and on examining the verification points. This implies, compared to manual testing, a massive reduction of time and labor through the execution of these automated test case steps. However, the effort for test data provisioning remains unchanged and still very high. No matter if you will test manually or automatically – the experts and process owners will always have the burden and the extra effort of test data provision before each execution of a test run.

suxxesso Full-Automation


suxxesso full-automation eliminates this manual effort completely.

By defining test data prerequisites only once for the test cases, suxxesso Data Manager is enabled to carry out the automated test data delivery entirely autonomously.

No matter when and how often test cases are executed, suxxesso full-automation guarantees that precise and appropriate test data is used in the test cases, without any manual assistance.

Test Effort

Procedure of suxxesso Full-Automation

  1. Test automation with suxxesso Test Pilot:
    Effortless, easy automation of test cases – with matchless usability and maximum functionality.
  1. Automated test data delivery:
    Definition of test requirements for test cases in suxxesso Data Manager – this allows suxxesso Data Manager to provide test data entirely autonomously from now on.
  1. Plan test case execution:
    Creation of test plan for different test scenarios – either in suxxesso Test Cockpit or in SAP Solution Manager.
  1. Fully automated test execution:
    Test cases will be executed automatically in suxxesso Tool Suite according to the scheduling (using test data from suxxesso Data Manager)
  1. Reporting:
    Detailed reports of the test execution, either via suxxesso Test Cockpit or SAP Solution Manager.

Your Benefits

  • No effort for the experts and process owners regarding test execution and test data provision
  • In addition > 50 percent saving of efforts in comparison to traditional test automation
  • Test cases executable without lead time
  • Avoiding test data conflicts in test plan executions
  • Quality enhancement by increasing the number of test cycles per year
  • Developers can execute functional tests autonomously
  • Recurrently usable as often as desired

See and discover for yourself!

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