suxxesso Virtual trial version

Our suxxesso Virtual trial version allows you test extensively all the features in a system that we will be providing you with. In which you will be able to automatize tests yourself and get to know the functionalities of suxxesso Tool Suite.

suxxesso Teststellung

Do It Yourself

Is it possible to test suxxesso Tool Suite without any installation on your system? Yes, it is possible!
It is possible to test the complete functionality of suxxesso Tool Suite on an SAP-test system. We will be pleased to provide you, upon request, with login credentials for this trial installation.


The trial version contains all suxxesso Tools features:

suxxesso Test Content: “Ready to Go Test Content”, including standardized test cases, that allow you to use the cases within a week.
suxxesso Test Pilot: “Easy to Use Automation” efficient real time recording of individual test cases and automated creation of the documentation allow you to speed up the test cycles considerably.
suxxesso Data Manager: : “Realtime Test Data”, fully automated selection of test data allows you to totally reduce the efforts for the preparation of the test data.
suxxesso Test Cockpit: test management, control of test plans, execution of test plans.

The trial version allows you to get to know suxxesso Tool Suite closely and obtain a profound basis regarding the decision making as well as to obtain the know-how at an early stage.

How does it work?

All you need to do is to request a trial version. After a short training you will be able to create and automate test cases yourself. It is thus possible for you to get to know the usability of our products. Since the trial version can be used remotely, presential meetings are not necessary.

Connecting via Remote Desktop, using the login data provided by suxxesso, you will be able to reach a virtual desktop. Here you will find all suxxesso Tools, installed and configured, allowing you to start evaluating the tool. The only program needed is Remote Desktop Connection (installed by default in Windows). It is not necessary to install any additional software or to configure a network (e.g. VPN).


Please feel free to contact us to arrange a Web Session by using the form below or sending us an e-mail to or just calling us + 43 1 9532 567 .