SAP Test Automation with suxxesso:
Successful Customer References

Our aim with the innovative suxxesso Tool Suite is to optimally support our customers when testing in SAP. Here are some examples of our success stories.

TGW Logistics Group ensures Quality of EWM Systems with suxxesso Tool Suite


As general contractor TGW plans and establishes highly automated logistic centers all over the world – and supervises them during operation.

The intra logistics specialist develops and produces all essential elements, from software, steering mechanisms through robotic to mechatronic modules.

Leading companies and well-known brands such as Levi Strauss, Puma and Zalando trust in the know how from Austria.

Founded in 1969 as a small locksmith´s shop, TGW has come to be an international leader in systems integration with more than 4.000 employees in three continents.

For companies operating in these sensitive areas such as TGW, 100%
functioning and quality assured systems are of the utmost importance.

That is why TGW sought a possibility to ensure the quality of SAP-EWM systems efficiently and fully for its customers´ systems.

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Successful Customer Relationship in Medical Context – Limbach Group SE


The Limbach Group SE is an incorporation of more than 30 independent laboratories all over Germany and provides support for lab diagnostics to physicians, doctor´s offices, clinics and medical institutions.

It is crucially important for companies working in sensitive areas such as the medical field and diagnostics that the systems function hundred percent and maintain the quality assurance completely.

Thus Limbach Group SE searched for a possibility to ensure the quality of their SAP-systems efficiently and to its full extent.

The past one and a half years, very challenging due to the pandemic, strengthened this focus and their decision to work with suxxesso gmbh was an important guarantor to them.

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Customer and Partner rolled into one – the perfect combination


Three years ago the SER Group, a producer of Doxis4 ECM-Platform for which the company develops individual SAP Add-Ons, made contact with suxxesso Ltd. for the first time.

Primarily through vendor´s Tool Suite for SAP test automation, the quality of SER Group´s own developments should be guaranteed and the testing efficiency of Doxis4 SAP Add-Ons be maximized, in order to provide SER customers with the most professional solutions.

Over the years, an enduring customer-supplier relationship grew that has now culminated in a partnership which is a great benefit for the SER Group and their customers as well as for suxxesso.

PoC – Convincing Range of Functions and Usability

At the beginning of 2019 the project began with a multi-day Proof of Concept in the SER Group´s headquarters in Bonn. In the course of this workshop, the performance and the usability as well as the concepts for the future application of the suxxesso Tool Suite were developed.

,,We noticed from the first day on that we can improve our quality assurance with the Tool Suite enormously and can configure it more efficiently. Our colleagues could work autonomously with the tool from the start and this convinced us entirely” says Philippe Gackstatter, Head of SAP Solution Development at SER Group.

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Customer story: Efficient test coverage at maximum quality enhancement

suxxesso Customer Story

Our customer is a middle-sized automotive supplier. For many years SAP has been used to meet the increasing demands from the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), especially in logistics, where extensive adjustments and enhancements have taken place.
Testing and test management were processed manually using standard tools such as MS-Office. As a result of this practice many of the well-known problems were arising:

  • Lack of resources in the departments to perform testing tasks as well as to manage the testing.
  • Test cycle periods take longer than expected resulting in frequent delays of already planned and communicated deliverables.

In joint discussions with our team and a two-hours web session, the customer took the decision to use suxxesso Tool Suite. After the Kick-Off meeting and a three-day workshop, to train the employees involved, a plan with the initial steps was put into action achieving the first successful results.
As a starting point, the predefined suxxesso Tool Suite test cases were used extensively, allowing a lot of time to be saved and at the same time improve quality. Their current focus is to create individual test cases with suxxesso Test Pilot in order to benefit from further synergies. Thanks to suxxesso Tool Suite’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, the customer was able to perform their test automation independently without further intervention from our team.

Customer Story: suxxesso Tool Suite as missing link between SAP-R/3 and S/4 HANA

suxxesso Customer Story 2

Our customer has been using SAP for decades, starting with SAP-R/2 and currently running on S/4 HANA. suxxesso was able to assist the customer to manage their testing in SAP-R/3 and to prepare their first SAP test automation steps. It was thus possible to run multiple test cycles and take full advantage of the automation, using on the one hand our predefined test cases and creating their own test cases in R/3 on the other.

The possibility of reusing the test cases created in R/3 (standard and individual cases) allowed our customer to run tests efficiently when moving towards S/4 HANA, which lead to a much higher level of maturity of the implemented software. Deploying suxxesso Tool Suite guaranteed sustainability and investment protection of costs and efforts that were already been incurred.

Customer Story: And where do we get the test data from?

suxxesso Customer Story 3

Our customer, a supplier to the aerospace sector, was facing major challenges due to the acquisition of highly specialized companies and their respective variant manufacturing. This led to an extensive integration of the SAP Systems involved.

Up to that point, the testing was done more or less manually and almost without any tool support. However, this practice had to be taken under consideration due to the multiple new units that needed to be migrated.

Additionally, cost pressure, budget cuts and non-existent testing and testing management resources led to an intensification of the general conditions. This is where suxxesso Tool Suite came in as the suitable solution.

The implementation of suxxesso Data Manager helped to fully automatize the test data preparation as thus to free up test resources massively. It also reduced the high business-as-usual workload during the test phases drastically.

Thanks to the automated test data creation, it was possible to enhance the quality and coverage of the test which, despite the reduction of resources, achieved a massive quality improvement. Speeding up test cycles also helped DEVOPS with the development. After implementing suxxesso Tool Suite, the fear factor of using large test data volume vanished, since a new test run could be started at any moment by just using the automatic selection function.

Customer Story: Who is allowed to do what? Role-based test automation as solution


Our customer’s main focus while testing was mostly concentrated on the functional aspects of the software. However, this practice was slowing down the processes related to the test management since workflow- and authorization-based tests were not always taken into consideration. In this case, suxxesso Tool Suite delivered the precise solution. Thanks to the already integrated features, all these aspects were took into comprehensive consideration.

It was thus possible to parallelly automate the SAP Tests and to run the entire role-, workflow-, and authorization-based process chain “end-to-end” as well as to take the respective process steps (Documents, Approvals, etc.) in the required granularity into consideration.

Working with this integrative testing methodology allowed our customer to ensure that the tests took place closely related to the daily processes within their company.