suxxesso Test Content

Predefined, fully automated standard test cases allow to achieve an extensive test coverage quickly and resource-efficiently. Several hundred test cases in the business areas accounting and logistics can be set up and used within a few days.
Therefore a massive reduction of your investment costs for the automation can be achieved and thus the maintenance costs are reduced enormously.

Expert Know-How

suxxesso Test Content is based on decades of consulting expertise in SAP.
The test cases are defined and designed by leading SAP experts. Detailed product and process know-how as well as international project experience across all sectors guarantee the accuracy of all included test cases and a maximum test coverage of your business processes.


Standard Test Cases

suxxesso Test Content includes the automation of all defined and described test cases based on the latest technical standards, fully automated test data delivery included.
It also provides an ongoing enhancement of test coverage, the maintenance of the automated test cases as well as an extensive Utility Library in order to achieve a correct and accurate identification of the GUI-Controls.

Description of Test Cases

Each test case in accounting and logistics business areas is explained clearly and in detail with both – textual and model-based descriptions (BPMB 2.0 standards). Benefit from test cases with high quality descriptions.



The accurate and conclusive verification of the test results helps to guarantee and evaluate the quality of your systems.
Detailed reports in HTML format provide figures of the performed test run as well as screenshots and error messages of failed test cases. In addition video logs optionally help with the analysis and correction of errors.