suxxesso Data Manager

suxxesso Data Manager selects test data from the customers’ databases for specific test cases via database queries. The output is delivered in a standardized data format. In combination with the components of suxxesso Tool Suite, fully automated test runs can be executed without any additional effort for the customer – there is no need to prepare test data manually. The suxxesso Data Manager investment pays back even during the first test run.

Customer specific test data – Parameterization – Test data for multiple iterations

Test Data from customer’s system

Representative test data can be selected from the customer’s system based on formal test data specifications for every test case.
Using customer-specific test data leads to high test acceptance among the departments and IT. The use of business-relevant data also guarantees a high coverage.

Test data for multiple iterations

suxxesso Data Manager provides according to the customer’s demand 1 to n data sets for every test case. This functionality enables a high-test coverage. Using parametrization, specific data constellations can be achieved as well.
Additionally, specific test iterations can be created. If new test data has been selected, this will not be overwritten by suxxesso Data Manager guaranteeing that special cases of the customers are always covered and tested.


Parameterization of test data selection

The ability to set parameters to the query allows you to use the same test case by selecting the required data constellations such as: Locations, Divisions, etc. This helps to prevent redundancy as well as to optimize maintenance efforts using, for example: test cases from one location and apply them to another location.