suxxesso Data Manager

suxxesso  Data Manager selects suitable, fresh test data from customers´ systems based on predefined test data requirements.
In combination with the other components of suxxesso Tool Suite, fully automated test runs can thus be executed without any further manual effort. In addition to fully automated and dynamic test data delivery, also constant test iterations can be defined.

Customer specific test data – Parameterization – Test data for multiple iterations

Key features

• Parameterized test data delivery
• Dynamic test data iterations
• Constant test data iterations
• Building block system
• Integration of BAPIS and SAP Functions
• Wizard for test data definition
• Cache functionality for maximum performance
• Extensive library for calculations and test data processing
• Pre-defined filter for convenient test data formatting


Benefits for Corporations

The ability to deliver parameterized test data allows the multiple usage of test cases, e.g. for different sites, company codes, divisions, etc., without any additional effort. This possibility optimizes your maintenance efforts and brings about enormous potential savings for the user.

Test data for multiple iterations

suxxesso  Data Manager allows the selection of any number of test data sets for one test case.
Maximum test coverage is guaranteed by the dispersion of the test data driven by relevant parameters.
Additionally, it is possible to define constant iterations. These can as well be
integrated in suxxesso Data Manager using an excel-import.


Test data from Customer´s Systems

Using customer specific test data leads to practically relevant test runs and convincing test results. Furthermore, high acceptance of the tests can be achieved amongst the departments and IT. A maximum test coverage is guaranteed due to the fact that various data constellations can easily be selected.