Certified full-Integration in SAP Solution Manager

Certified full-Integration in SAP Solution Manager


suxxesso Tool Suite 6.0 is one of the few test automation tools which is unrestrictedly certified for the SAP Solution Manager.

In addition to the highly specialized suxxesso Test Pilot which guarantees you the utmost usability with maximum range of functions, the integration of suxxesso Data Manager has now been implemented as well.

The Integration allows fully automated test data delivery for the automated test cases as well when using test data container in SAP Solution Manager. Due to the omission of the efforts necessary for test data delivery, we can help our customers to achieve maximum efficiency of their test cycles – this is thus reflected in an additional saving of more than 50% of the total testing efforts and expenses compared to the current and in the market customary test automation solutions.


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suxxesso Test Pilot

Create your test scripts in SAP Solution Manager using our suxxesso Test Pilot which is awarded with utmost usability. It is thus possible for experts and process owners to call up suxxesso Test Pilot directly in Solution Manager, to automate their processes in the familiar suxxesso-usability manner and save them in Solution Manager – intuitive, easy and with maximum functionality range. The test automation know-how stays in your company, your experts and process owners can add and edit test cases autonomously and thus extend the test coverage – without programming skills and external support.


100% BPCA (Business Process Change Analyzer) – Support

SAP´s BPCA is 100% supported by test cases automated with suxxesso Test Pilot. TBOMs are linked to the test cases and recorded so that Change Impact Anlayses can consider these test cases and incorporate them in the suggested execution plans.

The Business Process Change Analyzer analyzes which part of your solution documentation has been changed and allows you to optimate the test range based on this analysis. The optimized test coverage can then be determined in terms of test plans.


suxxesso Data Manager – The Icing on the Cake

In addition to the integration of suxxesso Test Pilot and the complete support of BPCA functionalities of SAP Solution Manager, we have also integrated our unique Data Manager for you.

Configurated once-only, suxxesso Data Manager guarantees that your test cases are always provided with accurate, up to date and unconsumed test data – fully automated and completely integrated in SAP Solution Manager.
As a consequence, you will in addition to the saving of efforts through the automation of your test cases benefit from the omission of the efforts needed for the test date delivery which is often more than 50% of the total effort in test cycles.

See for yourself in a web session and convince yourself of the benefits of suxxesso Tool Suite, integration-certified by SAP!

We are looking forward to introduce our highly-specialized SAP test automation solution to you!