Does testautomation pay off?

Why do we automate tests?

The main reason why test automation is being considered in projects varies between two typical motives: quality enhancement and processing time in test cycles.

The more extensive test coverage in a test cycle is, the faster we run a test phase of a release, the better.

Please don´t misunderstand, these are of course very important if not even the most important aspects for test automation.

However when it comes to management decisions, the important third aspect appears in the spotlight which is often the last crucial factor in the decision process for the deployment of test automation: the Return on Investment (ROI).

The third motive – Return on Investment

We often address in our blog and in customer pitches the important aspects of test coverage as well as time saving which we can achieve with test automation. These two aspects in testing of e.g. SAP systems should be self-evident in this day and age.

By using suxxesso Tool Suite you can increase your achievable test coverage enormously, save valuable time in test cycles by minimizing the processing time of your test runs and maximize the objectivity of your quality management.

Today we would like to focus on Return on Investment.

Which one of the most significant factors for management decisions changes crucially by using test automation? To which extent do they change? How can we make the deployment of suxxexxo Tool Suite measurable and evaluable in our SAP quality assurance, in addition to quality and speed metrics?

Parameters for ROI in testautomation

In order to obtain a measurability of ROI, it is necessary to identify the correct parameters which enable the evaluation.

  • The number of (automatable) test cases
  • The number of test iterations per cycles
  • The number of test cycles per year
  • The effort/cost for the execution of test cases per test case
  • The effort/cost of the data provision
  • The internal rate by hour of each tester
  • The effort/cost for test automation

When you take these parameters into consideration, then you are able to calculate an objective ROI for the deployment of test automation in your SAP quality assurance too.

In the following, we would like to take a look together with you at each parameter to highlight its importance for the ROI once more.

The number of (automatable) test cases

The number of the test cases which you can automate with a test automation solution like suxxesso Tool Suite contributes decisively to the ROI. This helps us to determine the amount of the test cases which do not have to be tested manually by your test team any more and can rather be executed fully automated.

The number of test iterations per test cycle

The number of executions for each test case within a test phase (e.g. of a 14-day functional test has an impact on the effort per test cycle that your test team could save. The more often we run a test case, the more severe the savings in comparison to a manual test case transaction.

The number of the test cycles per year

Analogous to the test iterations per cycle, the savings by using test automation will increase with the number of test cycles per year as well.

Effort of test case execution per test case

How much additional effort arises for the test team through execution of one manual test case? The answer to this question has an impact on the factor time which we can save by automating each individual test case.

By automizing a test case the effort for the manual execution will no longer be required in the future test cycles.

The effort for data provision

Data provision accounts often for more than 50% of the total effort of testing complexity. Searching for up to date, unconsumed and not out-dated test data for each test case is a severe expense driver and at that a task which no tester really would like to undertake. Test data has to be evaluated and if necessary revised for each individual test case execution – by the way this applies to manual tests as well as to many test automation solutions in the market which work with static and manually maintained test data.

With the assistance of suxxesso Data Manager, configurated only a single time, we reduce this effort and the cost for all automated test runs to 0. (For more information to our suxxesso Data Manager click here ).

Testers´ internal hourly rate

The internal hourly rate of your employee is crucial for the calculation whether a test automation pays off or not. Together with the saved effort it provides you with an important factor for your ROI calculation.

Test automation costs

It hast to be admitted that the cost for test automation is the most difficult factor to estimate. Many parameters play an important role which have to be considered:

  • How intuitive is the handling of the software?
  • Can my departments automate the tests themselves and thus I can save expensive consulting fees?
  • Can I keep the test automation knowhow and the possibility to perform the maintenance in my company? Or am I dependent on external manpower?
  • Acquisition costs
  • Costs of maintenance for test automation

What matters is how easy it is to implement test automation? Can your own employees automize tests and above all perform the maintenance which is not neglectable? Or do you have to hire external consultants who cause ongoing costs?

In order to be able to come to an objective conclusion and evaluation, you cannot avoid running tests, together with those employees who will be using the tools, on automation solutions prior to purchase.

Look and see the convenient usability, stability and the achievable savings by using our test automation solution yourself!

Proof of Concept and virtual test trial for an objective evaluation of ROI

We at suxxesso would be glad to offer you a test trial with our suxxesso Tool Suite which has been awarded for its utmost usability. Benefit from the opportunity to decrease your test data provision efforts and costs to 0!

Minimize your costs for external consulting by using our test automation solution, which enables your employees in different departments to automize their tests themselves, owing to the obtainable usability based on the specialization in SAP test automation.

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Alternatively we offer virtual test trials on your own test systems.